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A touch of heaven on earth, the Caribbean.   Sun, sand and alluring waters trim these dotted islands and countries that boast rightfully of warm weather and an escape to seductive beaches and tropical breezes. Toss out your worries in Grand Bahama, feel "Irie" in Jamaica or island-hop your time away.  No matter where your Caribbean destination leads you, going home just means planning a return trip next year.

Adventure can be found most anywhere in the Caribbean and Jamaica.  Stroll the expansive beaches of Grand Bahama, take a day trip to an out island.  Call Paradise Island home for a week or Jamaica your new found escape.  All offer superb underwater adventure and enough land activities for the kid in all of us. 

If you've put off an island visit because you associate it with a long flight from the U.S., think again.  Jamaica is only an hour and a half from Miami International Airport, and the Bahamas sit less than 100 miles off the coast of Florida.  Tropical sun, relaxing beaches... all so close, yet far enough away from the office, deadlines, schedules and the expected.  Loose yourself in the islands or find the real you in Jamaica.

In a perfect resort, time and money are meaningless.  Your days are intriguing, meals are exceptional, service impeccable, evenings are exotic and everything's included.  You've just found an All-Inclusive Resort tucked away in Jamaica or the Bahamas.

For Families, Couples, Singles and Corporate Retreats,  All-Inclusive Resorts are an experience you'll want over and over.   Whether romantics, golf - tennis - scuba diving enthusiast, or just to be wicked for a week... you'll feel welcome from the first smile upon arrival to warm wishes when you leave.  An All-Inclusive is just that!  Just about everything you can eat, drink and do is already included in one simple up-front price. And tipping is simply not permitted.  Visit the destination of your choice from the left menu to see a listing for each properties amenities and location. 


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Do I need a passport to travel to Jamaica and the Bahamas?

What about hurricanes and bad weather?

What should I take to an all inclusive resort?

How do I get from the airport to the resort?

Is there is a limit to the number of activities we can participate in or the amount of meals and drinks we can have while we are at the resort?

Can we go off-property to visit nearby towns and attractions?


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